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Quick Start

Robot Raconteur® is a powerful communication library that has numerous features. This page is intended to provide a very fast start to using the library in Python that ignores most of the features and implements a simple function that can be called on a service by a client. The object also is capable of member types property, event, objref, pipe, callback, wire, and memory. See the Documentation page for full details. These examples require the Python Robot Raconteur® library to be installed. It can be downloaded from the Download page. A simple service will initialize Robot Raconteur and register an object as a service. This example service creates a simple service that contains a single function to drive an iRobot Create through a serial port. This is a minimal subset of the full example in the documentation.

This service can now be called by a connecting client. Because of the magic of Robot Raconteur, it is only necessary to connect to the service to utilize its members. In Python and MATLAB there is no boilerplate code, and in the other languages the boilerplate code is generated automatically.

In MATLAB, this client is even simpler.


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